Klutch Klassic
His and Hers

We've got you covered. That’s the philosophy behind the Klutch Kit Klassic. Our compact and affordable "urban survival packs" include essential his and hers hygiene products, grooming supplies and basic comfort wears perfect for those on the go. Stash one anywhere to ensure that your time away from home will be easy, worry-free and well-supplied. Select Hers or His!

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Red Eye Kit
First Class care at Coach Pricing

When its boarding time, come prepared with your Klutch Kit Red Eye and relax all the way to your final destination. Compact in size and affordable in price, our travel kits packed with comfort and convenience essentials make them a no-brainer for those who are always on the go.

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Klutch SHHH... Kit
Good Luck!

The Klutch Shhh... Romance Kit is discreet enough to easily fit in any back pocket, purse or glove box yet packed with all the essential intimacy, hygiene and grooming supplies to ensure a night out with that special someone goes from good to great…

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Klutch Baby
Emergency Back-up Diaper Bag!

When you and baby are on the go, peace of mind is knowing that you're always well-supplied. Never worry again when you have a Klutch Kit Baby as back up! Compact and convenient – its easy to stash one anywhere!

Klutch Car Kit
Perfect for any trip, no matter the distance.

Charge your phone. Check the tires. Shade your eyes! Watch the road, and know you’re covered for any occasion with your Klutch Car Kit. Toss one in the glove compartment or in the trunk and you’re all set.

Kustomize It!

We want to build your very own Kustom Klutch Kit for you. With a minimum order, our team will bundle any combination of items, in-stock or other to help make your next occasion that much more special. Perfect for large functions, group travel and corporate outings alike, no request is too big for our team to handle.

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Klutch Kares

EVERYONE should benefit from the value of Klutch Kits. Klutch Kares, our compassion-based program donates specialized Kits to the less fortunate with every purchase from our online store. Klutch Kares are also available for direct-purchase for only $9.99 each and can be gifted to our participating charities or shipped to the organization of your choice. *Ask about group specials.



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